Are you launching a scientific process requiring an inert and purified atmosphere? A glove box under neutral gas flow is the equipment you need. This protective equipment allows you to handle various elements in a safe atmosphere such as materials and substances that are sensitive to humidity or air. Find out more about the characteristics and uses of the neutral gas glove box.

Understanding the Operation of a Glove Box Under Inert Gas

A glove box is a separative enclosure commonly used in research, pharmaceutical-medical, industrial, aeronautical laboratories, etc. It is used as a work area when the operation requires an environment different from the ambient atmosphere. In the case of a glove box operating under neutral or inert gas, its particular atmosphere protects the product.

What makes up a neutral gas glove box?

  • A stainless steel structure.
  • Hermetic walls, including transparent sides fitted with protective gloves.
  • A transfer lock (at least).
  • A gas purifier.
  • A control panel.
  • An automatic safety flow.

Here, the gas scrubber allows for a continuous renewal and purification of the atmosphere by eliminating water, oxygen and solvents. To do this, it ensures the circulation of neutral gas in a closed loop which then replaces the air in the enclosure. The glove box, and more precisely the recirculation circuit, must be supplied with neutral gas. The overpressure in the glove box systematically pushes water and moisture out of the enclosure, even in the case of leaks.

Which Neutral Gas is Used with a Glove Box?

When a gas does not react with chemical elements during an experiment, then it is considered a neutral or inert gas for that experiment. Which ones are used in inert glove boxes for product protection? Either Argon (Ar) or nitrogen (N2) is used. The latter reacts with lithium and titanium. In the mixing industry, helium (He) is sometimes used to detect leaks in a component such as the closure of a pacemaker.

The glove box under inert gas can work in two ways:

  • By lost sweep under gas flow: a continuous sweep of the gas renews the atmosphere. The consumption of neutral gas is considerable.
  • By closed circuit (presence of a gas purifier): this purification unit circulates the neutral gas in a closed circuit, resulting in continuous purification and an ultra-pure atmosphere (humidity and oxygen < 1 ppm). The glove box’s consumption of neutral gas is reduced.

When is an Inert Gas Glove Box Needed?

This type of glove box is designed to protect products that are highly reactive to ambient conditions (air, water, etc.). Thanks to this device, there is no contact between the two elements and possible reactions are avoided. In industry, research, construction, manufacturing, packaging, etc., the neutral gas glove box ensures optimal protection of products.

When Should it be Used?

  • All experiments which require a strict anaerobic environment, including:
  • 3D printing.
  • Aeronautical alloys and superalloys.
  • Organometallic chemistry.
  • Laser welding and titanium welding.
  • Electrochemical assembly and testing.
  • Materials science and polymers, etc.

Where can I buy a Neutral Gas Glove Box?

This equipment is available from experts like Jacomex, which designs and manufactures containment solutions. It is a world leader in this field. It manufactures inert gas glove boxes with or without purification units. To purchase a glove box with enhanced performance and safety, do not hesitate to discover its standard, modular and custom-made ranges and ask for your personalized quote.