The heated vacuum chamber is an enclosure in which moisture and other impurities are removed from the chamber by a vacuum pump. The process allows a low pressure or vacuum environment to be created. This vacuum environment is suitable for research, vacuum drying processes, vacuum thin film deposition techniques or physical experiments, testing materials designed for space travel and industrial production processes.

Heated Vacuum Chamber and Its Use

A heated vacuum chamber is an essential piece of equipment for placing compounds that must be kept free of moisture or impurities. Indeed, the process is necessary to eliminate any gases, air bubbles or moisture which may be present in the materials or equipment before they are introduced into a glove box.

The heated vacuum chamber is also very useful for transferring products or equipment into a glove box while eliminating any risk of polluting the internal atmosphere. It is most often used for treating, annealing, drying and degassing equipment or products.

The use of a thermal vacuum chamber is aimed at simulating environmental conditions in space. Within the vacuum chamber, two environmental parameters are controlled simultaneously, namely temperature and pressure.

Heated Vacuum Chamber as a Glove Box

The use of a glove box with controlled humidity is useful in research and development and in the production of batteries and their materials. The products and materials can react to the humidity. During the processing of these products and materials inside this glove box, the introduction of other products may, however, be necessary. In this case, it is necessary that the products/materials introduced are completely free of moisture. To achieve this, passing through the vacuum chamber allows for surface degassing that guarantees quality and consistency in the processes that are to take place in the glove box.

This may be necessary for various applications, such as semiconductors and microelectronics, the production and development of medical devices and implants, the development of new advanced materials for new energies, products for fine chemistry, etc. The presence of a glove box offers maximum safety in order to avoid any pollution of the internal environment of the hermetic chamber.

Research Industry Needs

The use of reactive, pyrophoric, sensitive or hygroscopic products requires optimal protection and a controlled atmosphere glove box while a heated vacuum chamber is recommended for increased protection of the process. The purity of the internal atmosphere of the glove box will thus be preserved and the handling secured.