A medical cart is an essential piece of furniture in the pharmaceutical, hospital, biotechnology and laboratory sectors. Generally speaking, the medical cart is composed of various elements, allowing its user to organize, transport and store the various materials that are necessary. Often, this furniture is mounted on wheels to facilitate its movement. The user has better autonomy by virtue of working with a medical cart.

The medical cart can be used as a side table or as a workstation. Its use in the medical sector is not exclusive since it also meets the needs of professionals working in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. The use of a medical cart offers a considerable saving of time to its user who avoids useless displacements by having at hand all his working tools. This furniture can be completed by several adapted accessories.

Medical carts are available from many different manufacturers which each offer field adapted configurations. Generally made of stainless steel for intensive use, the medical cart can have a closed structure, with several levels of drawers, or an open structure, with levels allowing the storage of different materials.

A closed structure equipment allows the transport and the storage of different documents necessary to the user during the medical practice. As for the equipment with an open structure, it can have a basket, a tray, a document holder to facilitate the access to the various tools essential to its user.

Stainless Steel Medical Cart Manufactured by Mga Technologies

MGA Technologies is one of the manufacturers of stainless steel medical carts. The company has developed a medical cart specially designed and created by professionals specialized in the field. Its objective is to offer various configurations, according to the need of the equipment.

The Lyon-based SME has thus manufactured a medical cart with side shelves, trays, baskets and a height-adjustable cane.

A space dedicated to electrical equipment has also been provided. The electric adjustment allows the upper tray to travel up to 40 cm.

There is no need to pass through the retention area when using the medical cart. The side shelves, baskets, canes and trays can be placed in the oven.

Characteristics of the Medical Cart

MGA Technologies has designed a medical cart with three locations dedicated to sockets for the use of electrical equipment. Tightening nuts and universal fastening areas are also available.

The telescopic column is equipped with an IP66 protection, offering an easy handling of the equipment. The sturdiness, maneuverability and ergonomics of the medical cart make it easy to use and long-lasting.

The various options and basic equipment are listed below:

Basic equipment Options
Lower equipment Swivel casters with locking system. – 40 cm basket dividers

– Trays of 60 × 40 cm

– 1 basket of 60 × 40 cm

Top equipment 30 × 40 cm top tray with functional surface – 1 front storage

– 1 or 2 side shelf(s) with a functional surface of 28 × 28 cm.

Equipment in the middle of the cart – Porte-documents,

– Multiprise

– 30 or 40 cm basket dividers

– 1 tray of 30 × 40 cm

– 1 basket of 30 × 40 cm


For the canes, different options are possible:

  • 1 or more straight support(s) of 2.7 cm diameter, for 46 cm height.
  • 1 bent support of 2.7 cm diameter, for 17 cm of added height.

The MGA Technologies medical cart is a patented device. Other customized options can be added, according to the needs of the professionals.