In the pharmaceutical industry, professionals are constantly on the lookout for a manufacturer of equipment for use in cleanrooms. Despite the presence of several players on the market, MGA Technologies stands out from its competitors. This Lyon-based company essentially dedicates its creations to various industrial applications in the pharmaceutical field.

Specialized Manufacturers of Cleanroom Equipment

Many manufacturers specialize in cleanroom equipment. One of them is Diatec, a company that has worked in the field of developing special machines for many sectors (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, etc.). Diatec has been on the market for several decades and offers custom-made equipment such as pharmaceutical production lines and machines, as well as equipment that improves the productivity of professionals in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The Quebec-based company SIC Experts is also present in the market for the design of custom-made equipment for clean rooms and laboratories. The company offers its services from design to manufacturing, including machining and prototyping, to the modification of existing equipment.

MGA Technologies is also a manufacturer of cleanroom equipment. A major player in France, the company designs and manufactures custom-made equipment for professionals who need to produce in a clean environment.

High-end Clean-Room Equipment Supplier

MGA Technologies has been present in the custom equipment manufacturing market for many years. It dedicates its achievements not only to the pharmaceutical industry, but also to biotechnology.

Among its achievements, we can mention the sterile disconnector and connector, the dynamizer of vials in the laboratory as well as various small equipment in clean rooms.

Sterile Connector and Disconnector

The sterile connector and disconnector are equipment that can be used in cleanrooms. The various process devices can be separated or connected from these devices which ensure a perfectly aseptic disconnection and connection. The heat welding allows them to neutralize any form of microorganisms that could proliferate inside the tubes to be disconnected or connected.

Laboratory Vial Dynamizer

This device, manufactured by MGA Technologies, allows you to dynamize and emulsify in your laboratory a solution contained in a vial. It meets all the requirements for use in a clean environment.

Other Clean Room Equipment

For the medical and pharmaceutical industries, MGA Technologies also manufactures various small equipment necessary for clean room production. Some of the more notable pieces of equipment are the following:

  • Reject counting modules,
  • Conveyors for loading syringe barrels,
  • Peripherals, supports and transitiques,
  • In-line weighing robot with automatic sampling,
  • Sterile hose reel carts that can be autoclaved,
  • Stainless steel consoles for PCs in the zone.

The prototyping of equipment in clean rooms is also part of the achievements of the manufacturer MGA Technologies. The company also offers other custom-made equipment, such as pharmaceutical service units and medical carts, according to the needs expressed by its customers.