Can an industrial glove box be used in the aeronautical sector? The answer is yes, it can be useful in aeronautical construction projects. This containment device meets the high safety standards required by this industry. When you manufacture, weld, assemble or repair parts, the industrial glove box for aeronautics makes the operation safe. What are its specificities ?

Glove Box for the Industrial Sector

The design and role of an industrial glove box are the same as those of a pharmaceutical glove box. However, the safety standards concerning them differ according to the risk classification. An industrial glove box is used in two cases:

  • To carry out operations sheltered from atmospheric conditions or the environment when the operation or the products used are sensitive to them. In this case, the
  • internal pressure of the enclosure is lowered and it operates under gas or air. To prevent all risks for the operators. In this case, the internal pressure of the enclosure is raised and it operates under a protective gas (argon nitrogen or a mixture of both).

How to use an industrial glove box? This device offers one or more workstations accessible via handling and protective gloves attached to the walls. To introduce or extract products, components, instruments, etc., the transfer lock is used so that the containment does not break down. The dimensions are generally standardized, but the aeronautical industrial glove box is often much larger than the average.

What Makes a Glove Box Used in the Aerospace Industry different?

An industrial glove box for aeronautical construction is distinguished above all by its large volume. It also meets the various specific conditions and constraints related to the performance of each operation. It must comply with safety standards, especially since safety standards in this sector are very high. Certified glove boxes are to be preferred.

A glove box for industrial applications in the aeronautics industry can have several applications. During titanium or superalloy welding operations, it is used as a welding enclosure. Its function is to protect the operation from the ambient air and to secure the working environment. The result: the welding is more resistant and more aesthetic. It is also essential during additive manufacturing, maintenance where asbestos waste must be recycled, but also during certain stages of research or construction in aeronautics, etc.

What are the advantages of a glove box? First of all, it optimizes the level of safety around industrial manipulations and the protection of operators, this is valid in the aeronautical sector as well as in other sectors. It is also an ergonomic equipment that allows the operators to act with the most comfort possible and to improve their productivity.

Jacomex Designs and Manufactures Glove boxes for Aerospace Applications

Jacomex is a brand that designs and manufactures industrial glove boxes. It is a worldwide reference if you are looking for efficient and certified containment solutions for sectors such as aeronautics. This company offers standard, modular or custom-designed isolators and glove boxes.