Many major players in the research and development, industry, pharma-medical, energy and nuclear sectors source containment equipment from the industrial manufacturer of glove boxes and isolators Jacomex. This international company started manufacturing glove boxes, neutral gas purification units and isolators more than 70 years ago and today offers installations with multiple applications in these sectors.

Jacomex in a Few Words

Jacomex has been present in the market for the design and manufacture of glove boxes and insulators for 75 years. Today, it is a leader in this field not only in France, but also worldwide. Its design office, manufacturing, assembly and control workshop are located in Lyon. It is present in more than 60 countries, including many European countries.

Jacomex’s many years of experience have earned it a fine reputation throughout the world. This expertise is confirmed by its high-quality standard, modular or custom-designed containment systems. To ensure reliability and safety, the consultants and design office of this industrial glove box manufacturer offer personalized support from project initiation to delivery.

The purification units and standard and custom-made glove boxes leaving the Jacomex workshop also meet a high level of water tightness and safety. They are, of course, compliant with the norms and standards governing containment equipment. Jacomex technicians put their expertise and know-how at the service of the usual and specific needs of your field. They use high-performance production means.

What can Jacomex Offer you?

At the industrial manufacturer Jacomex, a wide range of glove boxes and isolators are waiting for its customers. There are standard units, but also customizable units. They are intended for various applications: industry, energy, research, pharma-medical and nuclear. Discover below the different designs of the brand:

  • GP(Concept): Standard/customized purified glove box
  • GP(Campus): Standard purified glove box under controlled atmosphere
  • G(Box): Modular glove box under controlled atmosphere
  • G(Mega): Large volume glove box under controlled purified atmosphere
  • G(Safe): Air-filtered high security glove box
  • G(Polym): Multi-purpose polymer glove box
  • G(Iso): High safety insulator in vacuum or overpressure

To equip glove boxes and make them more efficient and comfortable to use, Jacomex also offers a wide range of optional equipment and accessories: gas purifiers, filters, analyzers, bushings, etc. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote from this famous glove box and isolator manufacturer!