When part of your industrial processes must take place in a confined space, it is necessary to use an industrial glove box. This watertight enclosure greatly simplifies the handling and securing of products or objects that must not be contaminated or are potentially dangerous for humans and the environment. The process takes place safely in the isolator enclosure, either in a pure, inert atmosphere or in a confined atmosphere.

Applications of Industrial Glove Boxes

The industrial process describes any mechanical or chemical processes used to produce, manufacture or synthesize chemicals under technically and economically acceptable conditions. Industrial glove boxes are equipment used to carry out this industrial process when the products are highly sensitive or when the materials and processes prove to be hazardous to humans and the environment. The insulation of the box guarantees protection. The pressure may be slightly lower or higher inside the enclosure.

Additive manufacturing, aeronautics, 3D printing, laser and titanium welding, petrochemicals, microelectronics, nuclear industry, food processing, etc.

Glove Boxes for Industrial Use

An industrial glove box is a containment enclosure with variable dimensions designed for industrial applications. The atmosphere can be controlled. Operators can then create an inert or confined environment to handle products and objects free from contamination. The sides of the glove box are transparent and the equipment integrates gloves, regulators, transfer systems, disinfection and purification devices as well as safety systems.

Industries can get standard industrial glove boxes for traditional processes. There are models in depression or overpressure, to be selected according to the needs. During advanced industrial processes, the constraints can be a little more complex and numerous, so it is better to rely on custom-made industrial glove boxes. Gove box manufacturers put their expertise at your service to design a device that is perfectly compatible with your project.

Study Case: Jacomex Glove Box Expert

Jacomex is one of the most renowned manufacturers of glove boxes and isolators in the world. Its products are not only intended for industrial applications, but also for other sectors such as research, nuclear, energy and pharmaceutical-medical. It offers extensive experience in the design and manufacture of containment systems, glove boxes/isolators and neutral gas purification units.