The use of a humidity-controlled laboratory glove box is essential for a specific experiment. There are products and substances that are hydrophobic or that oxidise when in contact with the ambient air. This reaction can influence the process of the experiment or the result of the experiment. The glove box not only forms a barrier to protect experiments from moisture, but also allows different types of products to be handled in a controlled atmosphere.

Why is humidity control important?

Humidity control is of great importance when it is necessary to use certain products that may require a completely anhydrous atmosphere or one with a very low humidity level. Using a glove box under controlled hygrometry thus makes it possible to respect these conditions.

In the laboratory, particularly in biology, the glove box allows the creation of an anhydrous and ultra-clean environment. The controlled hygrometry glove box is very useful in the production of battery materials and in R&D. It is also used extensively in TIG, laser, resistance and plasma welding.

The applications of a humidity controlled glove box are numerous, namely: fine chemicals, nuclear industry, production and development of medical equipment, development and production of new innovative and functional materials, humidity sensitive and reactive alkali metals such as sodium or lithium, production of super capacitors.

Specification of a Glove Box for Laboratories

Designed for applications requiring controlled humidity below ambient, the humidity controlled glove box provides a protected environment. Operators can use the protective gloves that are attached to the walls of the sealed chamber. They can also use sophisticated transfer systems to introduce the products, substances or instruments he needs to handle.

The pressure, conditions and humidity of the glove box can be regulated and therefore controlled. This device is very useful for providing increased protection in the containment of hazardous applications and substances, requiring an inert and pure atmosphere.

Furthermore, its use is prioritized by leading-edge industries, research and development, nuclear, pharmaceutical-medical, aeronautical, etc., since the hygrometrically controlled glove box offers them optimal safety and high performance.

Which Humidity-Controlled Glove Box to Choose?

On the market of containment tools, it is possible to find several models of controlled humidity glove boxes. The latter is the best device if you wish to offer your pyrophoric, oxidisable, hygroscopic or sensitive products optimal protection with a controlled atmosphere.

The atmosphere offered by this containment device is extremely inert and ultra-pure. All traces of oxygen, moisture and solvents are removed by a purification system using argon or nitrogen.

Some manufacturers offer customized models to meet the specific requirements of your process. They also offer standard models, which can be used for common handling in aeronautics, laboratories, industries, etc.

Throughout the handling, production or testing of dangerous, toxic or sensitive substances and products, your operators must be equipped with personal protection. This is essential even though they are working with a hygrometrically controlled glove box that ensures high performance and optimal safety.