The market for laboratory isolators is driven by the constantly changing standards in the pharmaceutical sector. When faced with aseptic risk on production lines, isolators provide effective barrier systems. Jacomex has built a solid reputation for multi-station and stand-alone work units that require controlled and regulated atmospheres to protect products, personnel and the environment.

As a pioneer in the design and manufacture of custom-made glove boxes for many years, Jacomex specialises in the nuclear, biological and chemical sectors. The company provides laboratories with its expertise and structural configuration (engineering, production plant, design office, assembly and testing workshops, R&D department).

What Environments are Compatible with the Company’s Laboratory Isolators?

The laboratory isolators designed by Jacomex can operate in clean rooms, controlled areas and climatic rooms. They can be operated at overpressure or underpressure to the pressure of the room atmosphere. They can also operate with air, nitrogen, argon, dry air or mixed gas atmosphere. Jacomex’s technical solutions allow a wide variety of controlled atmospheres:

  • Solvent control and removal using a stand-alone VOC capture unit.
  • Humidity control and regulation.
  • Oxygen control and removal entirely by means of a gas purification system that allows a strict anaerobic environment.
  • Temperature control and regulation.

Jacomex laboratory isolators incorporate ULPA particulate filters in extraction and intake (turbulent flow) or HEPA 14. To achieve minimum particle cleanliness class (ISO 5), according to ISO 14644, a laminar flow in the isolator can be integrated.

Other Features of the Jacomex Laboratory Isolator

Jacomex laboratory isolators are controlled by PLCs. The parameters and data (values, curves, alarms, settings, etc.) are displayed on a colour touch screen.

Manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel, the company’s isolators benefit from an optimised and careful design in order to facilitate their decontamination by H202 vapour (hydrogen peroxide). Their surfaces and welds are polished to a controlled roughness (Ra < 0.6 µm), with rounded corners to facilitate cleaning.

The isolators can also accommodate various instruments: precision balance, filtration, purification, analysis, characterisation, extraction, synthesis equipment, ovens, laboratory equipment, stirrers, Karl Fisher titrators, thermostatic baths, rotary evaporators, incubators, freeze-dryers, etc.

Various transfer systems can also be fitted to isolators, depending on their use: Alpha Beta flanges, ventilated airlocks, Bag-In-Bag-Out, EziDock or similar vacuum airlocks. It goes without saying that the company’s isolators are manufactured with alarms, safety documentation, FAT-SAT tests, IQ-QO qualifications and certifications.

Jacomex offers laboratory isolators to professionals in the pharmaceutical, nanotechnology and biotechnology industries that meet the high demands of the medical, microbiology and pharmaceutical industries.