Product Marking on a production line is a simple and effective way of identifying industrialized products. This operation is carried out at the end of the production line. A multitude of marking solutions are available on the market, such as printing, labeling or laser marking. What are the possible marking systems?

What is a Marking System on a Production Line?

Integrating a marking system on a production line offers many advantages to manufacturers as the system not only optimizes production time but also considerably reduces operating costs. The design of the marking machines is  thought out specifically so that they can be integrated and used in the automation of a production line. They also have the advantage of being easy to integrate into existing installations. The most common marking solutions are listed below:

Marking By Printing

Manufacturers can choose printing as a marking solution. Printing is automatic and integrates perfectly with an intelligent production line. It manages the printing of products in complete autonomy. The speed of continuous-jet printing systems is the best option, especially for high-volume production. In a continuous production line, continuous-jet marking is the most suitable.

Marking By Labeling

A self-adhesive label is applied to the products or their packaging during labeling. This solution can, however, be more expensive than other identification systems. Despite this additional cost, the use of labels is mandatory in some sectors of industry.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to automate labeling. Moreover, a multitude of marking devices can perfectly integrate any type of production line. Manufacturers facing a shortage of manpower can choose this solution as operators are relieved of their workload and benefit from an improved environment.

Laser Marking

Laser marking is the most suitable solution for high-volume manufacturers. This marking process is one of the fastest and most accurate methods of marking. The inscriptions and patterns can be read very clearly, with a constant quality of the result.

Laser marking is also acid-proof, wear-resistant, heat-resistant and permanent. The integration of this marking system into a production line also optimizes the productivity of manufacturers while reducing their manufacturing and operating costs.

What you Need to Know When Choosing a Marking System

Each manufacturer has its own unique marking solution. The majority of manufacturers in different sectors (cosmetics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc.) can perfectly adopt their own marking solution to suit their needs. However, to have the right machine for the right activity, certain criteria must be taken into account, such as:

  • The needs of the operators,
  • The production and maintenance costs,
  • The environment,
  • The data to be recorded,
  • The existing computer system,
  • Speed and configuration of the production line,
  • Strict regulations, depending on the market.

The production line marking machines offered by the various manufacturers can therefore be customized. For integration of the solution on an automated line, some designers provide software development, mechanical integration and automation. In some cases, the operators of the user company can integrate the machines themselves.