A glove box Mbraun LABmaster is one of the equipment that is indispensable in the realization of industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical experiments and research. It is essential to remove any risk of contamination from the processes. What are the specificities of the glove box Mbraun LABmaster? The answers in this article.

The Mbraun LABmaster glove box and its usefulness

The Mbraun LABmaster glove box meets all the requirements if a cleanroom. Its particularity is that it is less voluminous, closed and tight. It meets perfectly the constraints of handling objects, products and various hazardous or sensitive chemical compounds.

Visibility of the operations in a hermetic enclosure is essential for the operator. This is why the glove box has transparent walls. External gloves are also used by the user of the enclosure to ensure safe handling.

As a workstation, the Mbraun LABmaster glove box has been designed to meet the requirements and characteristics of various applications. The glove box on legs is the best equipment that can offer manufacturing and research a contamination-free environment.

The Mbraun LABmaster glove box is made of stainless steel and stands on legs. Its integrated purifier system is very powerful and can be adjusted while being automatic. With a closed loop circulation, it can operate in negative or positive pressure. It is modular and easily expandable. H2O and O2 humidity levels are below 1 ppm.

The Mbraun LABmaster glove box can have many applications: batteries, OLED / Organic Electronics, chemistry and laboratory, OPV, etc…

Companies manufacturing glove boxes

Many companies manufacture various models of glove boxes apart from Mbraun which offers the LABmaster. Indeed, in France, we have several companies such as Jacomex, which is an international company. Its models are aimed at professionals in different sectors.

Also made of stainless steel, the glove box models that Jacomex offers on the market are equipped with transfer airlocks. The latter is designed to facilitate the introduction and extraction of elements while maintaining continuity of containment. On these models, the ventilation systems are equipped with filters at the outlet and inlet to guarantee the protection of the product and/or the operation and the environment.

The protection offered by Jacomex glove boxes to operations is unparalleled. To confine products in an inert atmosphere and ensure process safety, they can operate under overpressure. In negative pressure, they offer total protection from hazardous substances, which perfectly secures the operator and the environment. Jacomex also manufactures other versatile glove boxes. These ensure the protection of the operator, the environment and the process at the same time.

The different processes in which Jacomex glove boxes can be used are numerous: microelectronics, aeronautical manufacturing, drug production, sterile pharmaceutical products and many others. Each model offers a high level of safety in terms of containment.