Negative pressure glove boxes are containment devices that enable the creation of an atmosphere different from the ambient atmosphere. In laboratories and also in the research sector, this difference offers increased protection against any form of contamination for operators, safer handling and protects the environment .

Negative Pressure Glove Boxes for Laboratories and Research Sector

In general, glove boxes are designed for negative pressure operation. This makes it possible to secure various experiments in laboratories and in research. Glove boxes are also very useful for production processes that require a high level of safety. However, for your applications and projects, you need to have a good understanding of how the device works before using it.

Negative pressure glove boxes are hermetically sealed and serve to separate the ambient conditions of an environment. To do this, the equipment has a fully sealed compartment and built-in regulators to control and monitor the atmosphere. As the glove boxes need to operate under a controlled ultra-pure atmosphere, they incorporate a purification system that secures the process by removing moisture and oxygen.

One or more transparent sides, incorporating handling gloves, should be visible on a glove box. Products or substances can be handled safely without the risk of spreading to the environment or becoming contaminated. Often it is necessary to pass objects, materials or products through a transfer lock. This maintains containment and ensures the quality of the atmosphere.

The atmospheric pressure is higher than the internal pressure of the glove box, which is specially designed to protect the operators and the environment. The ambient room air, which is extracted by a ventilation system, is channeled to a duct at the exit of the glove box. Particles or hazardous materials cannot come into contact with the operators or spread into the environment thanks to the filters that trap them beforehand.

Choosing a Negative Pressure Glove Box

When choosing a negative pressure glove box, it is important that it meets your requirements, but especially those of the processes that will be used in it. On the market, you can find various models of negative pressure glove boxes. Some operate under filtered neutral gas and can have different applications: repackaging and weighing of hygroscopic toxic powders, quality control and galenic R&D, handling of active ingredients, chemical synthesis and cytotoxics, manufacturing of surgical and dental implants.

These devices are designed to provide increased protection for the operators while protecting the environment and, most importantly, the product being handled. The temperature of the atmosphere can be regulated, as well as the humidity and/or oxygen. Gaseous emissions, possible leaks and the chemical composition of the environment can also be monitored for maximum safety. These negative pressure glove boxes are designed for all types of processes in the pharmaceutical or medical sector, in laboratories and in research.

Experts in the field of glove box manufacturing can offer you customised, modular or standard equipment. Some manufacturers can even offer accessorised devices, depending on the requirements and constraints of your project.

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