Cyber-security: Volvo turn to Upstream Security

Cyber-security: Volvo turn to Upstream Security

The Volvo Group has decided to invest in the Israeli company Upstream Security, a specialist in vehicle cybersecurity, with the aim of increaing security in its connected trucks and cars. The investment is a consequence of the partnership between the Volvo Group and Drive, a Tel Aviv-based innovation center that the group opened in collaboration with Hertz Rent a Car, Mayer and Honda.

The start-up Upstream Security is a specialist in the supply of cybersecurity solutions developed specifically to ensure the protection of connected vehicles against any form of cyber attack.

According to the start-up, the first quarter of 2019 saw more cyber incidents recorded on vehicles than over the entire previous year. Upstream Security details revealed greater details in its report for April 2019, including the following statistics

8% of all attacks on vehicles were cyber attacks
18% of attacks characterized by ransom on servers connected to vehicles,
47% of all recorded incidents were remote intrusion attempts.

According to Upstream Security, the main sources of these cyber attacks are mobile applications, the internet environment and hackers.

The start-up is therefore doing everything in its power to design a virtual protection umbrella for vehicles in order to protect them from all these intrusions.