Supplier of laboratory equipment for research and pharma

MGA Technologies is a supplier of laboratory equipment dedicated to research and the pharmaceutical industry. The company specializes in the manufacture of various cleanroom equipment and user-specific devices. Its designs are intended for industrial applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as well as other sectors. Here are some of his creations.

Laboratory equipment

As a supplier of laboratory equipment, MGA Technologies is constantly innovating in order to offer professionals the best devices to ensure better handling of their products in the clean room and to improve their production. The different creations of the company are as follows:

The bottle energizer for laboratory use

Designed and manufactured by MGA Technologies, this medical device is used to energize and emulsify a bottle of solution in a laboratory. Suitable for use in a clean environment, the dynamizer can hold the bottle using a mechanical clamp. A motor, embedded in the device, allows it to make a vertical movement. The movement has a frequency which can be defined depending on the targeted dynamization process.

Whether you want to dilute or to shake your solution, depending on the active ingredients, this device can be the perfect fit for your laboratory.

The sterile connector

Heat welding is the process used by this machine to aseptically weld two hoses. Perfectly suited for use in a clean environment, this equipment can guarantee the sterile connection of your tubing. Using the sterile connector removes the need for operators to visit the retention zone to carry out the operation, thereby increasing their productivity.

The sterile disconnector

In a clean room, you can use this device to disconnect the hoses that connect your process devices. It also uses the heat-sealing process to destroy any form of microorganisms likely to proliferate and contaminate your tubing before disconnection.

Other equipment that can be used in a clean environment

In addition to these products, the Lyon-based company also develops various small pieces of equipment that can be used by professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. The following equipment can help your production process in a clean environment:

Syringe strip loading conveyors.

Stainless steel PC consoles.

Rejection counting modules with a beamed laser optical cell to identify and separate rejects in a Pharmaceutical Formulation workshop. Using this device ensures that you are in compliance with FDA requirements to identify all products both at the beginning and end of the production process.

Peripherals, supports and workflow management.

Sterile hose reel trolleys, made of stainless steel and able to pass through an autoclave.

Online weighing robot which checks the dosing pumps of a Bausch & Ströbel machine by automatic sampling.

Medical carts

MGA Technologies has collaborated with the Lyon-based design and product development firm DO MED to produce different series of medical trolleys. In general, these are used in hospitals. They thus make it possible to relieve nurses in their tasks, especially when they have to distribute medical gasses.

The pharmaceutical trolley

The pharmaceutical trolley is specially designed by the laboratory equipment supplier, MGA Technologies, for use in the pharmaceutical and medical environment. It is a mobile workstation, configurable by its user and electronically adjustable. It comes equipped with baskets, trays, side shelves as well as supports.

As a supplier of laboratory equipment, MGA Technologies makes its teams available to professionals. A contact form is also available if you wish to obtain a free and personalized quote.