The PharmaPure ® tube aseptic disconnector is indispensable when tubes have to be replaced. These types of tubing have been specially designed to be installed on a peristaltic pump. PharmaPure tubes are necessary for fermentation, production filtration, sterile filling and the manufacture of vaccines in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and in the laboratory.

How does the PharmaPure ® tubes disconnector work and what are its uses?

The PharmaPure ® peristaltic pump tubes can be separated from the aseptic disconnector, thereby guaranteeing the removal of any type of microorganisms which may proliferate during disconnection. Depending on the process, the replacement of PharmaPure® tubes may prove necessary, although the tubes do considerably reduce production stoppages and are resistant. Resorting to the use of the disconnector is therefore necessary.

It is essential that the device is used in a clean room to ensure perfectly sterile disconnection. All equipment connected with a PharmaPure® tube, filled or empty, can be separated thanks to thermo-fusion.

This device comes equipped with jaws (grippers) which are used to grip the tube that is to be disconnected. The device incorporates an electromagnet that locks the clamps in place when they are closed. Then, the operator can initiate the disconnection cycle which takes place in two distinct phases:

Phase 1: A ceramic heater increases the temperature of the clamps until the temperature level slightly exceeds the melting point of the tubing.

Phase 2: the temperature level is maintained in such a way as to ensure the destruction of all external elements that may be present on both sides of the clamps and thus guarantee the fusion of the tube.

The vane pump built into the device reduces the temperature so that the operator can safely handle the tubing. The electromagnet then releases the jaws.

Using a pair of scissors, the operator can cut the tube after performing a visual check that the fusion has been achieved.

MGA Technologies has designed and manufactured the disconnector so that it can be adapted to disconnect autoclaved PharmaPure ® tubes.

Technical Characteristics of the MGA Technologies aseptic disconnector

  • The device can support different formats thanks to the sets of anodized aluminum jaws that come with the disconnector.
  • It is compatible with tubes with the following diameters: 1/4″, 3/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″.
  • Connects to the 220/230V – 50/60 Hz mains.
  • Does not require compressed air.

Apart from the PharmaPure® tube disconnector, MGA Technologies also creates special tailor-made machines for various sectors including food processing, aeronautics, automotive and precision mechanics. Professionals in the pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industries can also call on the company’s know-how for the design and production of different types of special, turnkey equipment.

You can contact MGA Technologies using the contact form below. However, the company also has a technical team that can give you all the technical information regarding the PharmaPure® tubing disconnector.

PharmaPur ® is a trademark registered by Saint-Gobain.