A machine dedicated to cutting and pre-forming position detectors is essential to integrate them within electronic circuits or modules. Manufacturers such as Honeywell, Tru Components, PIC, NXP, Cherry or Infineon supply these sensors in rolls, blister packs, cardboard strips or individually.

What is a Position Sensor?

A position sensor is a hall effect sensor that reacts to the magnetic field to distinguish position and motion. For example, these sensing solutions withstand extreme environments and require other external components for automotive applications.  Position sensors are most commonly used for speed and multi-pole magnet sensing, position encoding or motor commutation. Click here to learn more about the hall effect position sensor.

How does a Preforming Machine Work?

The preforming machine is used to shape and cut the position sensors and can be fully automated. This type of machine is very common in the automotive sector where more than a hundred sensors are often integrated in a single vehicle.

MGA Technologies Preforming and Cutting Machine

The cutting and preforming machine manufactured by MGA Technologies is specially designed to meet the needs of bending and cutting of position/counting/speed sensors before welding. It is a fully automated machine that allows the many sensors to be preformed in a line and guarantees regular forms and cutting.

MGA Technologies, a Lyon-based company , are specialized in the design and manufacture of special custom machines for the automotive, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The design of the third version of their pre-forming and cutting machine delivers a robust and easy-to-use machine which is equipped with updating, modular and fully interchangeable tools.

Cutting and Preforming Machine Technical Specifications

  • Preforming from a few degrees to 90 degrees;
  • Modular preforming (up to 3 positions);
  • Compact: H,L,D – 640 mm x 625 mm x 600 mm ;
  • 3 and 5 legged components, magnetic or not;
  • Noise level: below 70 dB;
  • Speed: cutting and preforming of 900 detectors per hour;
  • Cutting accuracy: +- 0.1 mm;
  • Preforming accuracy: less than 2°.

The machine caters for different types of pre-forming such as UA, SE, SG, SH/SJ, K, KA, KB and KT