Overpressure glove boxes are the most suitable in laboratories, especially for production, quality control, packaging and research processes. They ensure product protection and allow products to be handled in an inert atmosphere when necessary.

What you Need to Know About a Pressured Containment Glove Box

The pressurised glove box forms a barrier between the ambient atmosphere and the work area. This prevents the air in the room from spreading into the sealed enclosure to ensure that the handling is contained in a sterile and/or clean atmosphere. The internal pressure of the main chamber is higher than that of the ambient atmosphere. The use of the overpressure glove box is widespread in the laboratory and in the pharmaceutical/medical field as well as in research and development.

For the creation of a pure atmosphere or for atmosphere control, nitrogen or argon purification devices remove all traces of water, oxygen and solvents. For applications in the pharmaceutical, nanotechnology, medical and microelectronic sectors, it is imperative to add a laminar flow of ISO class 5. This creates a dust-controlled atmosphere according to ISO 14644-1, which is free of particles.

The overpressure glove box makes the handling of sensitive products safer. No atmospheric compounds (oxygen, moisture) can enter the enclosure, even in the event of micro-leaks (possibly at the gloves). One or more pairs of handling gloves are attached to the walls of the hermetic enclosure. This makes handling possible without breaking the containment and ensures that the operator is comfortable.

The transfer lock, integrated into the equipment, facilitates the transition of products and samples. And the atmosphere inside the main chamber is always maintained.

Automatic processes are triggered by safety systems so that ongoing operations and manipulations are protected in the event of an anomaly or malfunction. This minimises any risk of contamination.

A Wide Range of Overpressured Glove Boxes

Formulation, dosing, characterisation, synthesis, packaging and quality control operations most often use an overpressure glovebox. It is also used in other scientific and/or industrial applications. The overpressure glove box can therefore come in different models.

Some models can be used in all applications that require special atmospheric conditions. The oxygen, temperature and humidity inside their main chamber are automatically regulated and adjusted to your needs.

Other models are dedicated to industry and R&D, but above all, to processes with integrated machinery, instrumentation and equipment. These are modular overpressure gloveboxes that provide handling protection with the guarantee of a high level of containment performance.

If you are looking for an overpressure glove box, combining ergonomics, high safety and comfort of use, we can offer you the help of our team. Using the form, you can inform us of your real needs. This way, we can find you the most suitable service provider to support you in your project. Moreover, some manufacturers can offer you the integration of additional robotic functions, accessories or other equipment in your pressurised glove box.