Being a custom-made machine, the robotic tray unloader is particularly suitable for the distribution of various products (boxes, trays, bowls or trays). The trays in a stack can, therefore, be distributed one by one or batch by batch. By using this machine, operators will save time. A worm wheel system must be integrated into the device to allow operators to unstack the products.

What is the Purpose of a Tray Unloader?

The robotic tray unstacker is the ideal solution for companies that want an efficient and hygienic way to separate trays in a stack. In the majority of cases, these machines are either semi-automated or fully automated to reduce human intervention.

On some models, a suction cup system is used, with pneumatic or electric elevation. For stack pick-up or deposit, a feeding conveyor can also be integrated to the machines. This depends on the needs expressed by the companies to the manufacturer. The management can be robotized for automated special machines.

The tray unloader can have various finishes, but stainless steel, aluminum or painted steel are the most common.

A tray unloader can be made to measure by the manufacturer. It can have the advantage of combining robustness, performance, ease of use and precision. This special machine is easily integrated and communicates with other devices in an existing production line to meet specific needs.

What is the Application of the Unstacker?

Firms in various sectors – food processing, transport or logistics – can use an unloarder. For example, in the logistics sector, pallets can be destacked or stacked using certain models of destacker. Taking out or storing a large quantity of pallets would then be done automatically and faster. The special machine could then have a vertical or horizontal shape.

Industrial mechanics specialists offer various types of unstackers: pot unstackers, tray unstackers, tray unloaders and many others.

Order a Tray Unloader by ATG Technologies

Depending on specific needs, you can have a special machine, such as a tray unloader, from different manufacturers. These manufacturers will be able to produce a custom-made machine, once the applicants have been analyzed. They will then have a machine that can be integrated into their production line.