The Sartorius Aseptic Disconnector is used to seal thermoplastic tubes, which are used in industrial processes requiring the connection of several devices. Disconnection of these tubes may be necessary for many reasons and a tube disconnector must be used. Many manufacturers, such as Sartorius, are specialized in the design of this device.

What a Sartorius Aseptic Disconnector is Used for?

A Sartorius tube disconnector is a device for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. In these sectors, the use of different process equipment that is connected to each other is essential. When two devices have to be separated, disconnection of the tubes is required.

Some liquids circulating inside the tubes can be sensitive, especially in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Disconnection of the tubes connecting the devices must therefore be secure. The best way to ensure the safety of this disconnection is the heat-sealing technology. Due to heat sealing, all residues or contaminants that may be present on the tubes during disconnection are eliminated with the aseptic disconnector.

What TPE tube Disconnector Should Be Used?

The sterile TPE tube disconnector is fully automated. This is particularly the case with the Sartorius BioSealer® TC Disconnector. The device has the advantage of being compatible with AdvantaFlex® , Pharmed® BPT, C-Flex® 374 and SaniPure ™ BDF brand TPE tubes. These tubes are used on disposable assemblies in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

By using this disconnector, the sterility of the product can be preserved while allowing disconnection in a non-sterile environment. Robust, the device provides safe sterile disconnection. Indeed, the BioSealer® TC combines a new level of flexibility, improved weld stability and greater heat -sealing capabilities.

In addition, the disconnector can handle up to six sizes of TPE tubes, from ¼ “to 1” OD, filled or empty. Heat seals benefit from increased stability, with a 20 mm wider seal and a safer and more robust disconnection.

How to Use the Disconnector?

The Sartorius Tube Disconnector has been specially designed for easy operation. With an intuitive user interface and touch screen, the operator can select the material and size of the tube to be sealed. Instructions, such as closing the clamps at the correct time and setting, are displayed and must be confirmed by the operator.

  • The TPE tube must be inserted into the machine,
  • The operator will simply click on the screen to start the sealing process and follow the displayed instructions,
  • The lid of the device opens automatically at the end of the sealing process, which can last from 1 to 4 minutes, depending on the size and quality of the tube to be sealed,
  • The tube will then be cut by the operator at the guide line after a visual check of the correct execution of the heat welding.

In addition to the ability to disconnect TPE tubes of various sizes, the other advantage offered by the Sartorius disconnector is its portability. Due to its low weight, the unit can be used suspended or on a table. It can also be moved closer to the processing area where sterile disconnection is required.