Glove boxes are generally made of stainless steel. Their manufacture is specifically designed to provide a totally hermetic environment for the handling of various products. Stainless steel is a material that allows glove boxes to be robust. Their joints or continuous welds must also prevent the moisture and oxygen from penetrating into the main chamber.

Reasons for Using a Stainless-steel Glove Box

The use of a stainless steel glove box is essential in the nuclear sector, research and production, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. These sectors often have to use or handle dangerous or sensitive products. The integration of the stainless steel glove box in their work tools is therefore essential.

The hermetic enclosure provides a clean and controlled atmosphere environment for the processes. It is then necessary to fill the glove box with nitrogen or argon. The conservation of these gases in the enclosure is essential to ensure the containment of materials and substances and maintain their properties.

In the R&D, medical, architectural, automotive and food industries, stainless steel is one of the most widely used metals. The hygienic, heat, corrosion and moisture resistant properties of stainless steel are its strengths. In addition, it is a material that is resistant to various chemicals. It allows the hermetic enclosure to be easily decontaminated and cleaned.

The stainless steel glove box is manufactured by continuous welding. Thus, the seam is watertight and the connection is strong. These two characteristics are essential in the manufacture of the hermetic enclosure.

Stainless Steel Glove Box Models

Stainless steel glove boxes are offered by many manufacturers and Jacomex is one of them. This company offers various models of stainless steel glove boxes with different designs.

The glove boxes offered by Jacomex can be single-sided or double-sided, standard single or multi-sided, interconnectable modular glove boxes, glove boxes of all sizes and custom-made.

These glove boxes can have the following technical specifications:

  • A leak rate <10-5 mbar.l.s-1.
  • A class 1 tightness, in accordance with the ISO 10648-2 standard
  • An automatic internal pressure regulation system, in depression or overpressure.

Jacomex has been manufacturing stainless steel purification units, isolators and glove boxes for more than seven decades. Today, the company is well known for its wide range of high quality products. Based in Lyon, France, the company markets its products in over 60 countries. In Europe, many representatives distribute its products, including the stainless steel glove box.

It uses modern production tools with the most innovative technologies to manufacture its products. The company’s strong point is the support it provides to its customers throughout their projects. This support is provided by its technical department, its sales department, its production workshop and its design office.