Sterile closure system for pharma tubes

The separation of process devices requires the use of a machine incorporating a sterile tube closure system, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. The aseptic closure system is specifically designed to ensure reliable and safe disconnection and this type of machine is very common in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Why use a sterile closure system?

A sterile closure system, when integrated within a specific device, is essential to ensure the sanitization of pharma tubes. During the disconnection process, the system ensures the destruction of any bacteria that may contaminate the tubes.

Thanks to the sterile closure system, the disconnection of hoses, both filled or empty, can be carried out quickly and safely. The tubes are fused together using heat welding. while operators can use the system in a clean environment since it is ready to use.

The following brands of tubes are all compatible with the device:






What is the operating principle of the sterile closure system?

The disconnection of pharma tubes from a sterile closure system takes place in 5 steps:

First step: the pharma tube is introduced into the jaws by the operator who then closes the tool. The clamps (jaw) are then locked in place by an electromagnet.

Second step: the temperature of the jaw is increased using a heating device in order to fuse the tube. This temperature can sometimes slightly exceed the melting point of the tube.

Third step:  the disconnector maintains the temperature level to ensure that the tube is melted while simultaneously destroying all the microorganisms on the jaws and outside the tube.

Fourth stage: a vane pump reduces the temperature level.

Fifth step: the jaws are then released by the electromagnet so that the operator can visually check the completion of the fusion. To cut the tube, the operator simply uses a pair of scissors and cuts at the cut line which is visible after fusion.

The characteristics of the aseptic disconnector

The disconnector incorporating a sterile closure system is compatible with 1/4″, 3/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ diameter tubing, both new or autoclaved. The sets of integral clamps (jaws) allow the device to support various formats.

It only takes 90 seconds for the disconnector to cool down. Temperatures between -5 and +40°C can be tolerated by the device, which can be used in an environment where the humidity level is below 75%. It can also operate by simple connection to the 220/230V – 50/60 Hz mains.

The MGA Technologies aseptic disconnector

MGA Technologies are a recognised and leading player in the medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Specialized in the design and manufacture of specific machines, such as the sterile closure system disconnector for pharma tubes, the company has a team of technicians able to respond to requests for information concerning the sterile closure system. If you would like a quote, please fill out an information form.