Thermoplastic tubing is indispensable for connecting different process equipment in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. When it is necessary to separate two devices, sterile disconnection by welding must be carried out.

As this is a clean room operation, the best solution is to use a specific machine that guarantees safe and aseptic disconnection of the equipment. The heat welding process eliminates any elements that may be present on the tubing at the time of disconnection.

Sterile Hose Disconnector

This device can guarantee the sterile disconnection of tubing by welding. To disconnect two process devices, the device works as follows:

  1. The tube is inserted between two clamps,
  2. An electromagnet locks the clamp after closing,
  3. The disconnection cycle is then started by the operator,
    1. In the first phase, a heating device increases the temperature of the clamps until the melting point of the hose is slightly exceeded,
    2. In the second phase, the temperature level is maintained so that any external elements that may be present on either side of the jaws are removed while allowing the tube to melt,
  4. The temperature level is then reduced by a vane pump, integrated in the device, for safe handling,
  5. The electromagnet then releases the opening of the jaws so that the operator can handle and carry out a visual control of the fusion process
  6. After validation of the process, the operator cuts the hose with a pair of scissors.

Technical Characteristics of the Sterile Disconnector of MGA Technologies

Designed and manufactured by MGA Technologies, the sterile disconnector is compatible with 1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ diameter tubing, new or autoclaved. The device can handle a variety of sizes thanks to the accompanying sets of anodized aluminum clamps/jaws. Requiring no compressed air, the sterile disconnector operates by simply connecting to 220/230V – 50/60 Hz power.

Need for a Sterile Connector of Thermoplastic Tubes

The reconnection of the tubes requires the use of a specific machine. It is a device that facilitates the connection of thermoplastic tubes between two devices. The sterile connector ensures the aseptic fusion of the TPE tubes by heat welding. Just like with the use of a sterile disconnector, the risks of cross-contamination during the connection operation are eliminated by welding. This machine can also be used in clean rooms.