A medical heat sealer is a machine that is necessary to carry out the aseptic separation of TPE tubes. These tubes are widely used in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical fields to connect process devices. In the event of hose replacement, the medical heat sealer guarantees a completely sterile operation.

The flexible heat sealer

TPE tube medical heat sealer

The TPE tube heat sealer eliminates any risk of contamination when disconnecting the TPE tubes. It should be noted that these tubes have physical properties allowing them to harden and melt under the effect of cold or heat in a reversible process. This machine can be multi-use or single-use and has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • A single-use heat sealer requires the use of small lugs to allow the hoses to be disconnected. You must, then, use the manufacturer’s own tubes. If it is possible at all to connect these to third-party pipes, then you will have to buy a large quantity of small connector-disconnectors made of hard plastic.

The advantage of this machine lies in the fact that it does not have to be connected to the mains to connect and disconnect the tubes.

However, it has drawbacks such as the risk of contamination in the event of a bad connection or disconnection and also that you are completely dependent on the manufacturer for lug orders and logistical constraints.

  • A multi-use heat sealer contains two clamps between which the hose is introduced by the operator. The TPE pipe is then heated until it melts. This temperature also allows any possible proliferation of bacteria to be destroyed. A simple pair of scissors is enough to cut the tube just a few seconds after the end of the process.

The fact that you have to use TPE tubing or other fusion and heat-compatible hoses can be a downside. The machine also needs an electrical energy source in order to operate.

Its advantages are, however, multiple: you can freely choose your supplier, your costs are considerably reduced since you do not have to resort to new components with each use and your waste is also reduced.

The MGA Technologies medical heat sealer

The best solution for disconnecting TPE tubes is to use the medical heat sealer from MGA Technologies. There are several important steps in the operation of a MGA Technologies medical heat sealer:

  1. The tube is introduced into the jaw by the operator who then closes the tool. An electromagnet then locks the jaw,
  2. The temperature of the device increases until the melting point is slightly exceeded,
  3. The machine maintains the temperature level For a few seconds to ensure the fusion of the tube and to eliminate any microbes,
  4. The vane pump is responsible for cooling the tube to ensure safe handling,
  5. The operator releases the tube and checks that the fusion has been completed. To cut the tube, a simple pair of scissors is sufficient.

Technical characteristics of the MGA Technologies medical heat sealer

  • Heat sealer compatible for disconnecting autoclaved or new TPE tubes,
  • Suitable for 1/4”, 1/2” and 3/4“ diameter tubes,
  • Connects to the 220/230 volt – 50/60Hz mains,
  • Accompanied by several anodized aluminum accessories to ensure that different formats are supported,

You can obtain a brochure of the TPE tube medical heat sealer by filling out the form on the MGA Technologies company website.