The pharmaceutical tube sealing machine is intended for use in clean rooms or clean environments. It is mainly used to perform the aseptic separation of two or more pieces of sterile process equipment which are connected by TPE tubing.

Specially designed to prevent microbial growth inside the tubes and machines when disconnecting them, the sealing machine is widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Different Solutions for Sealing Pharmaceutical Tubes

Two main families of pharmaceutical tube sealing machines are available on the market: the multiple use sealing machine and the single use solution.

Multiple-use Sealing Machine

By melting, the tubes inserted in this machine can be separated. Disconnection requires no effort from your operator. It is also a machine that considerably limits the management of laboratories as well as their costs since no additional elements have to be purchased.

The only constraint in the use of this machine is the properties of the tubes to be sealed. Indeed, the tubes must be able to melt and harden easily and quickly under the effect of heat. They must therefore be made of TPE, such as the Saint-Gobain C-Flex brand. More information on TPE tubing.

Single-use Solution

Many manufacturers offer various single-use solutions. Thus, upstream or downstream of its use, a disconnector must be integrated. Then, the line is cut manually or with a machine. Generally speaking, the elements are made of plastic. However, although they are simpler to install, in the long run, this can be tedious in addition to the increase in waste as well as the extra cost due to the purchase of proprietary elements. It could also lead to a risk of poor fixation, which could jeopardize the quality of the aseptic disconnection.

Which Sealing Machine to Choose?

There are different sealing machines offered by manufacturers. However, some are intended for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing operations. Such as the Vante® 4160 TPE tube sealer, manufactured by Vante Biopharm, which seals single-use TPE, EVA and PVC tubes.

Vante Biopharm also offers the Vante® 3160 TPE tube sealer. This is a device that can weld TPE tubes. This machine is also designed in a portable version. It is possible to use this sealant to weld most TPE pipes.

The C-Flex® TPE Ultra sealant is designed by Saint-Gobain. It is also manufactured to weld C-Flex® pipes as well as TPV, TPU and PVC pipes.

MGA Technologies also develops and manufactures a machine for sealing pharmaceutical tubes. This machine is multi-purpose and offers the advantage of an easy and safe use. The integration of this machine in FDA processes is perfectly possible. Another advantage is that it does not require a containment area and there is no risk of cross-contamination.

Pharmaceutical Tube Sealing Machine from MGA Technologies

With this machine developed by MGA Technologies, the tube is locked with an electromagnet once the machine is closed. The heat sealing guarantees a completely sterile sealing of the tubes of the process devices.

The temperature level for fusing the TPE tube (Advantaflex® or C-Flex® brand) destroys any form of microorganisms that may have entered between the tube and the machine clamp.

The MGA Technologies machine Specificities 

Autoclaved or new C-Flex® tubes (Saint-Gobain Group), 1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ in diameter, can be welded with this machine. The machine’s jaw is available in several sizes to allow for the welding of pipes of different diameters. To operate, a 220/230v – 50/60Hz power connection is required.

As an automatic piece of equipment, this machine ensures that the connections of the tubes are of optimal quality. Indeed, the machine has blades benefiting from a considerable longevity (up to 200 weldings).

This machine gives you the possibility to aseptically disconnect the tubes many times. This avoids the purchase of new components. In terms of productivity gains, the fact that it can operate out of zone or in zone (class 100/ ISO5 dynamic) is a definite advantage. It also reduces additional costs since it will not be necessary to buy connectors or proprietary pins.

The preventive maintenance of the pharmaceutical tube sealing machine as well as the calibration of your different devices are, moreover, ensured by MGA Technologies.

Thus, among the sealing machines available on the market, the machine designed by MGA Technologies saves you time and money. You can also contribute to the preservation of the environment since you avoid the logistics of purchasing materials and limit waste.